How to Install ACMarket App on Android to Download APK Files

With almost 3 million apps and games, the Play Store is the largest mobile app store in the world, and, in theory, you should be able to get anything you want. But that isn’t the case as more and more Android users are looking for alternative stores. At one time, an Android device needed to be rooted if you wanted third-party content on it, but these days, there are several alternatives that don’t require rooting or a hack to work. One of the best is ACMarket, a completely free app installer that offers tons of modified and tweaked apps and games for free.

What is ACMarket?

It is the best unofficial alternative to the official Android app store, with a huge choice of apps, games, tweaks, and more. You don’t have to root your device to use it, and everything is completely free. Here’s what ACMarket offers users:

  • Supported on all Android firmware
  • No need to root your device
  • Free to download and use, and all content is free too
  • Plenty of modified and tweaked apps and games
  • Several themes to customize ACMarket
  • Safe and legal
  • User-friendly
  • No geo-restrictions
  • Plenty more features

Another cool feature, aside from the sheer amount of apps and games, is customer support. 24/7 support means that, wherever you are, whatever time of day or night it is, you have assured assistance when you need it. Plus, you can ask for apps and games if you can’t find them in the store. However, the developers place no guarantees on being able to find what you ask for.

To get all this, you need to install ACMarket, so let’s see how to do that.

How to Download ACMarket:

This isn’t quite the same as downloading from the official app store, but it isn’t hard to do:

  1. Before you can install ACMarket, your device needs to have permission to install unofficial content, so open your Android Settings
  2. Open Security or Privacy and find the option to Allow From Unknown Sources
  3. Tap the slider to enable it and close Settings
  4. Now go to and tap on the APK file to download it
  5. Find your downloads folder and tap the file
  6. When the installation has finished, ACMarket is on your home screen

How to Use ACMarket

ACMarket is simple to use

  1. Tap the icon to open the store
  2. Tap on any app or game to download it – you can use the search bar if you want a specific app
  3. Tap on Install and follow the in-app directions to install it
  4. The icon will be on your home screen when it’s installed, and the app is yours to enjoy.

Fixing Common ACMarket Errors

While ACMarket is stable, there are a couple of errors being commonly reported:

App Not Installed

This could happen for any number of reasons, and that means there are a few solutions. Work through these until something fixes the issue for you.

Method 1: Clear App Cache and Data

  1. Open Android Settings
  2. Tap Apps (Manage Apps)
  3. Tap System and then Package Installer
  4. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache

Look in Storage for these options if you are on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Method 2: Enable Unknown Sources

This should be done before you try to install unofficial content

  1. Open Settings and tap Privacy or Security
  2. Enable the Allow From Unknown Sources option
  3. Try again – ACMarket should work

If not, delete it and reinstall it, keeping that option enabled

Method 3: Rooted Devices

If you rooted your device, try this:

  1. Download a decent root explorer app onto your device
  2. Open and copy the APK
  3. Open System and tap App
  4. Make sure the app permissions are enabled and try again

ACMarket Stopped Working

This is another common error, and, again, there are a number of reasons it may happen.

Method 1: Reset App Preferences

  1. Go into Android Settings and tap Apps (App Manager)
  2. Tap All Apps
  3. Tap on Reset App Preferences
  4. Tap on Reset Now

ACMarket should be working. If not, try the next method:

Method 2: Clear App Cache and Data

  1. Go into Android Settings again and tap on Apps (App Manager)
  2. Tap System Apps
  3. Tap on the Package Installer option
  4. Tap on the option that says Clear Data and Clear Cache – Android 6.0 users look in Storage

If that doesn’t get ACMarket working, the next one will:

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Launch Android Settings
  2. Go to Security or Privacy
  3. Allow Unknown sources

If it still doesn’t work, delete it and start again, ensuring Unknown Sources is enabled.

ACMarket is the best alternative app store for Android users; completely free; you’ve nothing to lose by downloading, it so get it today and enjoy all it offers.

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