Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 1 to 30 Questions with Explanation

1. Which tool is used to configure a sound card device?

A. sndconf
B. sndconfig
C. soundconf
D. soundconfig

Answer – – B
Description – The sndconfig tool by Red Hat is used to configure sound devices.

2. Which file holds the Plug-and-Play configuration information?

A. /etc/pcipnp.conf
B. /etc/pnp.conf
C. /etc/rc.d/init.d/isapnp
D. /etc/isapnp.conf

Answer – – D
Description – The isapnp.conf file is stored in /etc.

3. Drivers reside in which environment?

A. Kernel space
B. Device space
C. Application space
D. User space

Answer – – A
Description – Drivers run from kernel space as they provide an interface between hardware and the kernel.

4. How can you view the used IRQs on a system?

A. cat /etc/interrupts
B. cat /proc/irq
C. cat /proc/interrupts
D. echo 1 > /proc/interrupts

Answer – – C
Description – The /proc/interrupts file contains the currently used IRQs. You can view this file using the cat command.

5. Which type of modems are not traditionally supported under Linux?

A. Winmodem
B. 3Com

Answer – – A
Description – Winmodems require software to handle most operations, instead of hardware. Very few have drivers for Linux.

6. Which platforms does Linux currently support?

A. Intel x86
C. Compaq Alpha
D. All of the above

Answer – – D
Description – Linux supports a variety of hardware platforms.

7. Linux requires a graphical video card with at least 2MB of memory.

A. True
B. False

Answer – – B
Description – Linux requires a graphical video card only if you run X Window or other graphical applications.

8. How many primary partitions can you have on a hard disk?

A. 4
B. 8
C. 16
D. 32

Answer – – A
Description – A hard disk can have up to 4 primary partitions, or 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partition.

9. The Linux kernel cannot be placed beyond what sector, when using some versions of LILO?

A. 512
B. 2,048
C. 999
D. 1,023

Answer – – D
Description – Due to BIOS limitations, not all versions of LILO can boot a kernel past sector 1,023.

10. Which tool does the install of Red Hat use for disk partitioning?

A. Disk Druid
C. fdisk
D. cfdisk

Answer – – A
Description – Disk Druid is used during the Red Hat installation.

11. Which shell is the default shell used on Linux systems?

A. csh
B. rsh
C. bash
D. tcsh

Answer – – C
Description – The default shell used on Linux systems is bash.s

12. Which file contains the available shells for the system?

A. /etc/passwd
B. /etc/command
C. /etc/bash
D. /etc/shells

Answer – – D
Description – The /etc/shells file contains a listing of available shells.

13. Which command is used to change the default shell to the Bourne-Again Shell version 2?

A. chng -s /bin/bash2
B. chsh -s /bin/bash2
C. shell -c /bin/bash2
D. default -shell /bin/bash2

Answer – – B
Description – The chsh command is used to view and change shell settings.

14. What is not a correct format for entering commands at the command line?

A. command
B. command options
C. command arguments options
D. command options arguments

Answer – – C
Description – Command options precede arguments when entered at the command line.

15. Multiple commands can be entered on the same command line when separated by which character?

A. .
B. ;
C. ,
D. \

Answer – – B
Description – A semicolon (;) is used to separate multiple commands on a single command line.

16. Which key combination is used to allow a command to span multiple lines?

A. “”
B. \ Enter
C. / Enter
D. Tab-Enter

Answer – – B
Description – The backslash (\) key causes whichever key follows it to be ignored. This allows the Enter key to be ignored and the command to be continued on the next line.

17. Which key, when pressed once, is used to provide command completion at the command line?

A. Tab
B. Esc
C. Enter
D. Ctrl

Answer – – A
Description – The Tab key provides command completion when pressed once.

18. Which key, when pressed twice, is used to provide command completion at the command line?

A. Tab
B. Esc
C. Enter
D. Ctrl

Answer – – B
Description – The Esc key provides command completion when pressed twice.

19. The Readline Library uses which editor to provide command-line editing?

A. pico
B. vi
C. emacs
D. edit

Answer – – C
Description – By default, the emacs editor is used with the Readline Library.

20. Keyboard bindings can be viewed using which command?

A. bind -keys
B. bind -v
C. display -keys
D. display -v

Answer – – B
Description – The bind -v command allows keyboard bindings to be viewed.

21. Which file contains the system-wide variables on a system with a bash shell?

A. /bash
B. /bin/bash
C. /etc/bash
D. /etc/profile

Answer – – D
Description – The /etc/profile file stores the system-wide variable statements using the bash shell.

22. _______________would run a script called update_mozilla stored in your home directory, from that directory.

Answer – – ./update_mozilla.
Description – When running a command from the pwd, the command name is preceded by a period and slash (./), which specifies that the command is in the current directory.

23. When making changes to an environment variable what command must you use to ensure that those changes are available to the shell?

A. save
B. remember
C. export
D. echo

Answer – – C
Description – The export command causes changes to an environment variable to be made available to the user’s shell.

24. Which environment variable is used to customize the shell prompt?

A. PS1
B. prompt
C. shell
D. display

Answer – – A
Description – The PS1 variable is used to make changes to the prompt.

25. Which file contains the assignment of user’s home directories?

A. /etc/home
B. /etc/profile
C. /etc/passwd
D. /etc/users

Answer – – C
Description – The /etc/passwd file contains the assignment of the user’s home directories.

26. Which command displays a listing of previously entered commands?

A. commands
B. review
C. history
D. export

Answer – – C
Description – The history command displays the previously entered commands that are stored in the user’s .bash_history file.

27. Which key allows you to view the last command entered?

A. down arrow
B. up arrow
C. right arrow
D. left arrow

Answer – – B
Description – The up arrow is used to cycle through previously entered commands.

28. Which command allows you to use the default editor to edit several commands from the history file?

A. history
B. edit
C. fc
D. view

Answer – – C
Description – The fc command allows you to edit previously entered commands using the default editor.

29. It is possible to run commands that are not located in a directory listed in the PATH if you know the full path and command name.

A. True
B. False

Answer – – A
Description – Commands can be run using the full path as long as the user has the necessary file permissions.

30. The ___________ command is used to view a snapshot of the processes running on a system.

Answer – – ps
Description – The ps command is used to view a snapshot of processes running on the system.

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