List of All Bash CTRL and ALT Key Shortcuts – Linux 2018

Bash, which is the default shell in Linux contains a whole lot of key bindings which makes it really easy to use. The most commonly used shortcuts are listed below:

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CTRL Key Shortcuts

Ctrl + a Jump to the start of the line
Ctrl + b Move back a char
Ctrl + c Terminate the command
Ctrl + d Delete from under the cursor
Ctrl + e Jump to the end of the line
Ctrl + f Move forward a char
Ctrl + k Delete to EOL
Ctrl + l Clear the screen
Ctrl + r Search the history backwards
Ctrl + R Search the history backwards with multi occurrence
Ctrl + u Delete backward from cursor
Ctrl + xx Move between EOL and current cursor position
Ctrl + x @ Show possible hostname completions
Ctrl + z Suspend / Stop the command

ALT Key Shortcuts

Alt + < Move to the first line in the history
Alt + > Move to the last line in the history
Alt + ? Show current completion list
Alt + * Insert all possible completions
Alt + / Attempt to complete filename
Alt + . Yank last argument to previous command
Alt + b Move backward
Alt + c Capitalize the word
Alt + d Delete word
Alt + f Move forward
Alt + l Make word lowercase
Alt + n Search the history forwards non-incremental
Alt + p Search the history backwards non-incremental
Alt + r Recall command
Alt + t Move words around
Alt + u Make word uppercase
Alt + backspace Delete backward from cursor
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