List all installed programs, version & path [Windows]

WMIC is the console version of Windows Managament Instrumentation which is available from windows 2000 onwards.

By Typing “wmic product get name” will shows you a list of all application names which is installed on your machine.

Alternatively, you can even find all possible information in one command like “wmic product get name, version, installlocation

To save all results in a text file, type “wmic /output:D:\yeahhub.txt product get name, version

And to save all results in a HTML file (Tabular format), then the command is “wmic /output:software.htm product get Name, Version /format:htable

Use “wmic product get /?” to see the parameters including the output formatting with all other attributes.

But sometimes WMIC won’t work on server unless you have explicitly installed “Management & Monitoring Tools” in the Add/Remove Windows Component Menu

So for this case, you can find all the information through Registry, by typing “regedit” in your Run Command and navigate to below path.


If you want to know particular installed software from a particular vendor like Microsoft then you can type “wmic product where “Vendor like ‘%Microsoft%'” get Name, Version