OOPS, OurMine Hackers itself Hacked by Turkish Hackers

OurMine is a security hacker group based on Saudi Arabia and recently this week, they hacked WikiLeaks.org website with DNS Poisoning Attack.

In a statement shared on the Twitter account of one OurMine member, the group said

“they challenged us to hack them about a few months ago, and we’ve been working on this hack for a very long time, and finally we did it! It’s hacked! … We are working to obtain new secret things/emails from WikiLeaks but for now we are only able to receive new messages that have been sent to [the Wikileaks press contact].”

But this time, one of the subdomain of OurMine.org i.e. home.ourmine.org is now hacked by Turkish Hacking group JRBOps (Jonturk75 & RootDevilz & Bozkurt97).

They’ve also posted a serious message on website –

“When a hacker group gets hacked by an other group, the hacked one will been lamer for the one who hack em. What if the hacker one when get hacked? Hooly chaos! Lol We are Turkish Hackers !”

Upon browsing the Turkish hackers twitter account, OurMine isn’t the only big hackers group around online. The same Turkish hackers have managed to hack and deface Google Bangladesh, CNN, Reuters, FinancialTimes, Nbcsports, Coca Cola, LinkinPark, Marvel, Honda, Michael Jackson, Skrillex, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Volvo, Renault etc.

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