Subdomain Bruteforcing with SubBrute

SubBrute is one of the most popular sub-domain brute forcing tool through which we can easily enumerate the best possible sub-domains of any domain along with all DNS records. It is one of the fastest sub-domain enumeration tool based on... Read more

Crack WPA2-PSK with Aircrack – Dictionary Attack Method

WPA/WPA2 vastly improves the security of wireless networks; however, the extra protection comes at the price of added complexity to the protocol. Although WPA was developed with security in mind, it does have its own flaws that we can take advantage of. At... Read more

Apache Server Hardening – Kali Linux 2017

The Apache Web server is a remarkable piece of software. The basic package distributed by the Apache Software Foundation is quite complete and very powerful, and a lot of effort has gone into keeping it from suffering software bloat. One facet... Read more

Simple Tips to Prevent SQL Injection Vulnerability

As seen from the previous articles, SQL injection has the ability to attack a web server database, compromise critical information, and expose the server and the database to a variety of malicious exploits; however, there are measures that can be... Read more

How to keep track of your driven hours?

Due to safety reasons, there are some trucking regulations are in place for the truck drivers and other roadway users. However, these hours-of-service regulations may seem a bit complicated even though they are super-specific. These regulations are mainly based on... Read more

50 Important terms related to Database – Updated List 2017

1. Character Set: A character set is a specification that determines the set of codes used to represent the characters of a particular language or set of languages. Among the oldest character sets is the ASCII (American Standard Code for... Read more

The Top Security Vulnerabilities

Unvalidated data Never trust anything you get from a Web browser. The browser is completely outside of your control, and it’s easy to fake values like the HTTP referrer. It’s also easy to fake a hidden field in a form.... Read more

Top Hashing Algorithms and their Output Size

Cryptography is essentially used for converting plain text into cipher text to ensure confidentiality. If a user has the appropriate key, the cipher text can be reversed to get the original plain text. A message digest or hash is a technique... Read more

Top 10 Bluetooth Threats which you need to know

Although Bluetooth is extremely convenient for short-range wireless data transfers, it also has several security risks if not configured and used securely. Following are some of the common Bluetooth threats: 1. Loss of personal data : An attacker can exploit... Read more

Mitigations for Common Web Application Flaws

The most prominent components of web applications that intruders will first seek to exploit are vulnerabilities within the web platform. The web platform commonly includes: Web server software (such as IIS or Apache). Extensions to the web server, such as... Read more

Web Application Hacking Methodology

Web application hacking is not just about using automated tools to find common vulnerabilities. It is indeed a methodological approach that, if followed, would help reveal many more flaws and potential security vulnerabilities. The following section describes the systematic approach and... Read more

Top 5 Components of an Android Application

From an end-user perspective, an Android application may appear as a simple standalone application. However, any Android application consists of many components that work in the background to accomplish the given task. Android is a free and open operating system... Read more

Pass MB-210 Exam and Become Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant

The approach used by Microsoft to equip the professionals with role-based skills is remarkable. The tests are specific to roles, making it possible for every specialist to acquire skills of their choice. If you are still wondering where to start,... Read more

Reasons to Pass Salesforce ADM-201 Exam, and Why Practice Tests Are Best for Preparation

n the current world, competition in the job market is fierce. In this regard, you need to get out of your comfort zone to achieve your dream job. That’s why it’s important to have something that will set you apart... Read more

5 Steps – Wireless Hacking Methodology

The use of wireless networks has increased exponentially over the last decade or so. Wi-Fi is being extensively used not only by corporate organizations but also by individuals and home users. If you walk or drive through your city you... Read more

Top 6 techniques to bypass an IDS (Intrusion Detection System)

Most intrusion detection systems work on a signature basis. It’s quite possible for the attacker to create a custom packet payload that won’t match any of the signatures in the predefined database of the IDS. This way, the attacker can... Read more

Top 6 Symptoms of an Intrusion

Whenever there’s an intrusion into a system (human or malware), it makes a lot of changes in various parts of the affected system. The intrusion might create new files or delete existing ones, change Registry entries, modify user accounts, and so on.... Read more

Top 40 Interview Questions – Information Security | CEH

This article presents various questions you’re likely to be asked by various employers when you interview for a job position after the completion of CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker). What is the difference between encoding, encryption and hashing? What is the difference... Read more

Different Server Configuration Techniques for Custom Errors

In general, leaking unnecessary information about software behavior significantly aids an attacker in finding weaknesses within your application. Examples include software version information that can be used to footprint a potentially vulnerable version of an application, and error details related to... Read more

Purpose of Linux File System Structure

The arrangement of files in a Linux system may seem at first to be a semi-arbitrary arrangement of files and directories, based on historic practice. To an extent that’s true, but over the years the layout has evolved for good... Read more