10 Most Popular Useful Kali Linux Hacking Tools

Kali is the latest and greatest version of the ever popular Backtrack Linux penetration testing distribution. The creators of the Backtrack series kept Kali in a format very similar to Backtrack, so anyone familiar with the older Backtrack platform will feel... Read more

Windows MCQ – 1 to 20 With Answers

1. Device A has been configured for IRQ 3. Which of the following devices will Device A potentially conflict with? A. COM1 B. LPT1 C. COM2 D. LPT2 2. What is the default IO address assigned to COM1? A. 02F8... Read more

List of Vulnerable Web/Mobile/OS Projects – 2018 Update

Testers usually maintain a library of the current and historical operating systems. When testing Microsoft operating systems, Windows XP is used as the reference standard to test vulnerabilities. Although Windows XP will be deprecated in 2014 and no longer supported... Read more

Check MySQL Database Size – Command Line

Everyone who has been involved with IT for more than a few months has at least heard of MySQL. The acquisition of MySQL AB by Sun Microsystems brought a great deal of additional attention to MySQL’s database management system (DBMS).... Read more

Familiar With SQL Injection Vulnerability – Meet Ihsan Sencan

Meet Ihsan Sencan, a security researcher from Turkey who found more than 15+ SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in various Joomla Components in just one day and all related exploits have been published to various portals like Exploit-db.com, packetstormsecurity.org, cxsecurity.com and 0day.today... Read more

Exploitation of DVR Cameras – CVE-2018-9995 [Tutorial]

A security expert Belahsan Ouerghi has shed light on a new hacking tool called DVR Exploiter that exploits the CVE-2018-9995 vulnerability against IoT devices. It is able to extract account credentials of DVR devices thereby accessing the devices and their... Read more

Computer Fundamentals MCQ with Answers – 35 Set

1. Which of the following components is not usually found on a motherboard? A. Hard drive controller B. DVD drive controller C. Memory D. Video adapter 2. What type of memory is not usually found on a motherboard? A. CMOS... Read more

Top 15 Python Cheatsheets By Cheatography

Python is a general purpose programming language that is often applied in scripting roles. It is commonly defined as an object-oriented scripting language – a definition that blends support for OOP with an overall orientation toward scripting roles. In fact,... Read more

HTTP Security Headers – For Apache Servers

The world of security, especially Web security, is a very complex and extensive knowledge domain to attempt to master-one where the consequences of failure can be extremely high. Practitioners can spend years studying this discipline only to realize that the more they know,... Read more

Handy MySQL Commands – Cheatsheet 2018

Designing the database is a key step, largely because changes to the database at a later date have far larger implications and potential complications than changing any other aspect of the site. Adding functionality through database changes is a steep challenge and fixing... Read more

Generate & Compare Hash with Windows PowerShell

A hash is always a useful when you need to verify the integrity of any file. To check the integrity of your system, you can create a baseline of file hashes, and periodically check for changes against the baseline. Powershell... Read more

7 Best Python Libraries for Administrative Interfaces

Python is one of those rare languages which can claim to be both simple and powerful. Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple but effective approach to object-oriented programming. Python’s... Read more

5 Most Commonly Used Nmap Commands

Nmap supports many scanning technologies, such as: UDP, TCP connect(), TCP SYN (half-open scan), ftp proxy (bounce attack), reverse flag, ICMP, FIN, ACK scan, Xmas Tree, SYN Scan and null scan. Nmap also provides some advanced features, such as: detecting... Read more

Dump All Wi-Fi Passwords with Windows PowerShell

Wireless technology has become increasingly popular as it allows you to easily access the Internet from all sorts of locations around the world without requiring a network cable. But a wireless network isn’t always secure if you don’t understand its... Read more

Top 10 Metasploit Modules for Exploitation of ShellShock Vulnerability

A vulnerability in GNU Bash could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to inject arbitrary commands so called as ShellShock Vulnerability. The vulnerability is due to improper processing of environment variables by the affected software. An unauthenticated, remote attacker could exploit... Read more

Generate Random Password in Linux – Command Line

There are plenty of ways to make your password secure, but most people just don’t bother. It is much easier to set a password that is easy to remember, but hackers rely on this to break into insecure sites. Try... Read more

How to use kill, pkill and killall Commands to Kill any Linux Process

UNIX treats every object in the operating system as a file. We can find the files associated with every action performed and can make use of them for different system- or process-related manipulations. A process, also known as a task,... Read more

Database Terminology – A Minimal Guide 2018

Database A repository to store data. For example, a database might store all of the data associated with finance in a large company, information about your CD and DVD collection, or the records of an online store. Table A part... Read more

Privilege Escalation with PowerShell Empire and SETOOLKIT [Kali Linux]

In a previous tutorial, we used PowerShell Empire v2.3.0 for post exploitation of Windows Operating System. The same can also be done with one of the most popular toolkit named as Social Engineering Toolkit (SETOOLKIT) which is already pre-installed in every Kali Linux... Read more

Compiled List of Common Media Types

We have compiled a full list of Internet Media Types which you can easily use while development. “Internet Media Type” is the same as a MIME type. MIME types were originally created for emails sent using the SMTP protocol. Nowadays,... Read more