About NMAP – Network Mapper

NMAP (Network Mapper) is a security scanner mainly developed for LINUX platforms but later on ported to Windows, Solaris and BSD Variants. This tool is used to discover hosts and services on a computer network.

NMAP Author – Gordon Lyon

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This software provides numerous no. of features as listed below –

  • Host discovery – This software identifies the hosts on a network that respond to TCP and/or ICMP requests.
  • Port scanning – It also enumerating the open ports on target hosts or network.
  • Version detection – It also interrogates network services on remote devices to determine application name and version number.
  • OS detection – It also determines the operating system and hardware characteristics of network devices.

Nmap also provides further information on targets, including reverse DNS names, device types, and MAC addresses.

nmap screenshot

Typical uses of NMAP:

  1. Auditing the security of a device or firewall by identifying the network connections which can be made to, or through it.
  2. Identifying open ports on a target host in preparation for auditing.
  3. Network inventory, network mapping, maintenance and asset management.
  4. Auditing the security of a network by identifying new servers.
  5. Generating traffic to hosts on a network.
  6. Find and exploit vulnerabilities in a network.

Some Useful Command Attributes –

-sS = Stealth Scanning
-sT = TCP Connect() Scanning
-sF = FIN Scanning
-sN = Null Scanning
-sX = Xmas Tree Scanning
-sP = Ping Scan
-sU = UDP Scanning
-sO = IP Protocol Scan
-sI = Idle Scanning
-sV = Version Detection
-sA = ACK Scanning
-sW = Window Scanning
-sR = RPC Scanning
-sL = List Scanning

History – Nmap was first published in September 1997, as an article in Phrack Magazine with source-code included. With help and contributions of the computer security community, development continued. Enhancements included operating system fingerprinting, service fingerprinting, code rewrites (C to C++), additional scan types, protocol support (e.g. IPv6, SCTP) and new programs that complement Nmap’s core features. (from…wikipedia)

For more info about NMAP, you can also download this E-Book –

NMAP6: Network exploration and security auditing Cookbook


About book – The book is a collection of easy to follow, practical recipes with explanations of the code, and links to further information. This book is for any security consultant, administrator or enthusiast looking to learn how to use and master Nmap and the Nmap Scripting Engine. (via.. amazon)

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