Hack Windows 10 using CHAOS Framework – 100% FUD

CHAOS is a framework based on Linux through which you can easily generate the payloads and control remote machines like Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

In other language, you can say, CHAOS Framework is the minimal version of METASPLOIT FRAMEWORK, because it has limited functions which you can perform with your target but the best thing about CHAOS Framework is that the payload which it will generate is 100% FUD (Fully Undetectable).

Features of CHAOS Framework –

  1. You can control any windows machine remotely.
  2. You can easily download/upload any file.
  3. You can even make your session persistence by putting your payload in windows startup.
  4. Get the Operating System details with one click.
  5. You can even play some pranks with your target such as opening any URL, fork bomb etc.

Installation of CHAOS Framework –

To install this framework, you need to download two packages first which you can easily download it from Kali Linux repository by typing following command:

Command: apt install golang upx-ucl -y

Above command will install Golang and UPX packages in your Kali Linux machine.

Now next step is to install the CHAOS Framework which is available on Github.

Command: git clone https://github.com/tiagorlampert/CHAOS.git

After that, just get into CHAOS directory and run the following command to execute CHAOS.

Command: go run CHAOS.go

Now type 1 to generate the payload and after that it will ask some information about the payload such as LHOST/LPORT/FILENAME etc.

Put your Ethernet interface IP address under LHOST and for LPORT, you can use any port, in this case we used 8080.

Now in next step, it will ask you to type either Y or N for compressing your payload with UPX, we’d recommend you to type n for not compress.

Further, it will ask you to start the Listener, press Y and enter same LPORT which you used above i.e. 8080.

Now as you can see, your file is ready in same /root/CHAOS/ directory where you actually installed CHAOS Framework. Use any social engineering method to send this file to your victim/target.

You’ll get the status:connected as soon as your victim executes the file as shown below:

Now type “getos” to know about the information related to Operating System.

For more command, you can type “help” which will list all the commands which you can use with CHAOS Framework.

To view all files from current directory, type “dir”.

To open any random URL in your target machine, just type “openurl“.

You can easily download/upload anything with command “download” and “upload“.

Furthermore, you can scan your payload at nodistribute.com which results 0/36, means 100% FUD.

Note: Don’t use Virustotal.com


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