Windows 10 First Anniversary – You need to know

As you all knows, Microsoft is celebrating first year of anniversary with Windows 10 Product. We just want to thanks to your feedback, Windows is the best it can be — and getting better every day.

Here are the some fun facts about windows 10 which you need to know –

1. Microsoft received approx more than 8 Million feedback entries.
2. Windows Insiders spent over 443 Million hours on Windows 10
3. The Free offer has been now ended and the new upgrade price is 119$.
4. Windows 10 has been installed on more than 350 Million Devices all around the globe.
5. With the Anniversary Update, Microsoft is not only adding features but also cleaning up existing elements of the system like the Action Center, the Windows Store, a new emoji keyboard, game hubs within the Xbox/gaming app, and the (again) redesigned Start menu etc (Which will be soon arrived on 2nd August)
6. In the world of Cyber Threats, its one of the most secured windows ever.

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