Update your Mozilla Firefox Now – 31st January 2018 Update

Mozilla has fixed a critical flaw i.e. Remote Code Execution that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on any targeted device. This loophole is due to insufficient sanitization of HTML fragments in chrome-privileged documents through which a remote... Read more

Dangerous Keylogger Found – Infecting over 2000 WordPress sites

WordPress is one of the most popular open source blogging platform, with global and vibrant user, developer, and support communities. Though it can be compared to TypePad, Moveable Type, Google’s Blogger(Blogspot), and the Apache Roller project as a user-generated content... Read more

Man in the Middle Attack with Websploit Framework

  We assume most of you know what a Man in the Middle (MitM) attack is, but below is a diagram of a Man in the Middle attack. A man-in-the-middle attack is a type of cyber attack where a malicious... Read more

Get Windows RDP FREE for one Month – No Credit Card Required

With Apponfly, you can get free Windows RDP for full one month and the best thing is that you don’t need any credit card for verification etc. AppOnFly is your secure remote desktop for accessing professional apps from the cloud, from... Read more

Email Harvesting with Metasploit Framework

Footprinting is the process of collecting as much information as possible about a target network, for identifying various ways to intrude into an organization’s network system. Out of the many useful auxiliary modules that metasploit has, one is called search_email_collector... Read more

PHP CGI Argument Injection With Metasploit Framework

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. When PHP is used in a CGI-based setup (such as Apache’s mod_cgid), in some configurations it’s possible to execute arbitrary... Read more

MySQL Pentesting with Metasploit Framework

Everyone who has been involved with IT for more than a few months has at least heard of MySQL. The driving force behind MySQL has been to provide a reliable, high-performance server that is easy to set up and use.... Read more

Create Multiple Wireless Monitor Modes with Makemon

The best way to put your Wifi adapter to monitor mode is through airmon-ng but with airmon-ng package you can only create a single monitor mode. In this article, you’ll learn how to create multiple monitor modes upto 10 on... Read more

HTTP PUT Method Exploitation – Live Penetration Testing

In this article, we’ll be exploiting the HTTP PUT method vulnerability on one of the Metasploitable2 webserver through which you can easily upload any malicious file onto the server and can gain the access of the whole webserver in meterpreter... Read more

Testing Methods for HTTPS with OpenSSL, Curl and Nmap

If you’re using the HTTP protocol for surfing Internet, you usually use only using two of its methods i.e. GET and POST. However HTTP has a number of other methods like OPTIONS, TRACE, CONNECT, PUT and DELETE which are very... Read more

Common Linux Features

On October 5, 1991, Linus Benedict Torvalds, a graduate student from the University of Helsinki in Finland, announced in a Usenet newsgroup that he had created a small UNIX-like operating system called Linux. Today Linux has stepped into the spotlight... Read more

Top 11 Facts about Linux Shell Terminal

Alright, far too often (especially in the IRC channels) there is a time where even the most beginner of users are faced with the terminal. It has many names: terminal, shell, console, “command prompt” even as a carryover from those... Read more

Test your Website Loading Speed with Curl and Httpstat in Kali Linux

In this article, we’ll cover two methods through which you can easily test your website loading speed and some other performance factors like Lookup Time, Connect Time, Pre-Transfer Time and Start-Transfer Time. To start with first method, we’ll use CURL... Read more

Set ASCII Text Art in Kali Linux Terminal Header

Kali Linux is the most recent live disk security distribution released by Offensive Security. The latest version i.e. Kali Linux 2017.3 has over 600 security and penetration testing tools included, categorized into helpful groups most often used by penetration testers and others assessing... Read more

Top 6 Static Analyzers for different languages

Static program analysis is the analysis of computer software that is performed without actually executing programs. In most cases the analysis is performed on some version of the source code, and in the other cases, some form of the object... Read more

$1.2 Billion Worth of Cryptocurrencies Stolen – 2018 Update

According to the reports, approx 14% of the BTC and ETHER supply have been compromised by the hackers in less than a decade, said by Lex Sokolin, Director of Autonomous Research LLP. When looking at particular Ethereum, many researchers found... Read more

More than 40,000 customers affected by Credit Card Breach, OnePlus Admits

So OnePlus has finally admits that more than 40,000 user’s credit card details have been breached and used in multiple fraudulent transactions who made purchases on its official website in the period of Mid-November 2017 to January, 2018. “The malicious... Read more

Wireless DOS Attack with Bash Script – Deauthentication Attack

As we’ve discussed earlier, that how we actually deauthenticate a wireless device with the help of aircrack-ng tool suite package by flooding a network with deauthenticate packets. To deauthenticate any wireless device/router/client, its very easy to perform the attack via... Read more

How to install and use Ngrok – Complete Guide 2018

Ngrok is one of the most popular tunnel service platform through which you can easily expose your local servers which is behind NATs/Firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels. It connects to the ngrok cloud service which accepts traffic... Read more