Top 40 DNS Lookup Websites – [2019 Compilation]

The Internet would grind to a halt – would not be possible – without a Domain Name System (DNS).

In the world of the Internet and TCP/IP, IP addresses are used to route packets from source to destination. A single IP address, for example, is not difficult to remember.

But trying to learn or track thousands of these addresses, including which server/node is associated with each address, is a daunting task. So instead, we use domain names to refer to systems with which we want to communicate.

A real-world Internet domain name example is When you enter the Yahoo domain name into the address bar of your browser, the Yahoo page appears. This is because your PC executed a process to resolve to an IP address. Only by having the IP address is a system able to initiate a session with another system across the Internet.

The primary purpose of DNS is to break down the authority for a set of names into domains. Each domain is administered independently of each other domain. Each domain can create sub-domains that are only loosely related to the domain and administered independently of each other. Each subdomain is responsible for a subset of the names of the whole domain. In turn, sub-domains can create sub-sub-domains and so on. The term “sub-domain” is a relative term between a domain and a domain that has control over a piece of the domain.

Here we listed out best DNS Lookup websites through which you can easily scan your domain and get all the records like A, AAAA, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, CNAME etc.

S.No Name/Link
1 Uptrends DNS Lookup Tool
2 DNS Stuff
3 DNS Watch
4 DNS Dumpster
5 DNS Checker
6 Reverse DNS Lookup
7 DNS Queries
8 IPLocation Reverse DNS Lookup
9 Check Host DNS
10 Into DNS
11 DNS Inspect
12 Ultra Tools DNS Speed Test
13 DNS Spy
14 DNS Analysis
15 Geekflare DNS Lookup
16 Hacker Target DNS Lookup
17 MX Toolbox DNS Lookup
18 Pentest Tools DNS Zone Transfer Test
19 Zonemaster DNS Server Test
20 DNS Tools
21 Reverse DNS Scan
22 Fierce DNS Reconnaissance Tool
23 NPMJS DNS Scanner
24 Domain Dossier
25 DNSRecon
26 Whois DNS Lookup
27 ViewDNS DNS Report
28 DioNiSio DNS Scanner
29 Manytools Query DNS
30 Verisign DNSSEC Analyzer
31 Site24x7 DNS Scan
32 What is my IP DNS Lookup
33 Look up DNS Record
34 GSuite Toolbox DIG
35 AdminKit DNS Lookup
36 DNS Tools
37 WintelGuy DNS Lookup
38 WHOIS and DNS Lookup
39 DNS Lookup for IPs and Domains
40 Reverse DNS Lookup
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