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Last week, we discussed about android apk backdooring with msfvenom and metasploit framework. Android is a Linux kernel mobile platform. Android runs on a wide range of devices, from mobile smartphones and tablets, to set-top boxes. The Android mobile operating system is dependent upon the mobile device’s processer capabilities for its performance.

Security is a major part of any Android device. Android was created with openness in mind, and is conducive to the use of third-party applications and cloud-based services. Android seeks to be a secure and usable operating system for mobile platforms.

Here are our picks for the top Seven Android APK online Analyzers right now, offering malware detection and other security analysis for your safety.

1) Andrototal

Website Link –

Description – AndroTotal is a free service to scan suspicious APKs against multiple mobile antivirus apps. When AndroTotal recognizes that an Android antivirus finds a malicious application, it gathers additional metadata by scraping the user interface to retrieve information such as the detected threat name.

AndroTotal also captures screenshots from the application, logcat, and network dump. AndroTotal has been developed at NECSTLab, DEIB – Politecnico di Milano – Italy.

With Andrototal, you can easily get all the info related to Permissions, Package details, Malware report etc.

2) Dexter

Website Link –

Description – Dexter is a static android application analysis tool. To start scanning with Dexter, you need to first create an account and verify it with your email and then add a project by uploading your APK file in it. Dexter is one of the awesome malware analysis online tool which includes static and dynamic modules, heuristic result enrichment, a flexible tagging system and an API for automated processing / extending.

3) Tracedroid

Website Link –

Description – Tracedroid is a dynamic APK analysis tool. Tracedroid allows you to upload any Android APK file for automated analysis. Tracedroid also records the behavior of the executed app, such as its network communication, the UI, but also its internal function calls and Java code that is executed.

To trigger the app’s real behavior, Tracedroid emulates a few actions, such as user interaction, incoming calls and SMS messages, etc. – this will reveal most malicious intents of an app (if any).

4) Visual Threat

Website Link –

Description – VisualThreat is a leading connected-car security vendor based in Silicon Valley. The company offers Vehicle Cyber Security Protection Framework (FUSE) to minimize penetration from cyber attacks. For the past years, VisualThreat has helped OEMs and tier providers enhance security functions inside telematics units, TSP cloud platforms and auto mobile apps.

5) Nviso Appscan

Website Link –

Description – Nviso Appscan is one of the best online android apk malware analysis tool which provides you a complete detailed result report. Currently Nviso provides 3 packages i.e. Basic Plan which is FREE ofcourse, Silver Plan and Gold Plan.

6) AVC UnDroid

Website Link –

Description – AVC Undroid is an experimental tool for informational and research purposes only. AVC UnDroid is a free online service of AV-Comparatives that provides a static analysis of Android apps. For Registered users, you can upload higher size of apks and add comments to each analyzed android app.

The output included in the provided analysis is based on Buster Sandbox Analyzer, ssdeep, APKTool and engines of several different mobile security vendors.

7) App Critique

Website Link –

Description – AppCritique finds vulnerabilities, data leaks and everything in between in your app and android device. AppCritique will provides you a detailed PDF report based on findings.

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