Lalin – A Pentester’s Toolkit 2017

Lalin means Lazy Linux Toolkit. With the help of Lalin script, you can install so many penetration tools with just one click. The Lalin script is the advanced version of LazyKali script and is 100% compatible with the latest version of Kali Linux.

Usage of Lalin –

Download the bash script from Github by typing below command.

Command: git clone

In same directory, it will create a LALIN folder where you need to execute file.

But before to use, you’ve to gave full permissions by typing this command.

Command: chmod +x

To execute the script, type “sudo ./“.

The tools which Lalin supports are –

1) Update Kali – By this option, you can easily add new repositories in your Kali Linux machine, you can also update sources.list, you can also restore the repositories etc.

2) Virtual Machine – By this option, you can install VirtualBox, Vmware, Qemu and VKM with just one click.

3) Browsers – By this option, you can easily install Google Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, Min and TOR(32/64-bit).

4) WiFu – By this option, you can install various wireless hacking tools like Linset, Wifiphiser, Wifi-hack, wpa-autopwn, wpsbreaker, Fluxion and Wifite.

5) Exploit-db – By this option, you can easily update ExploitDb packages under searchsploit tool.

6) Sniffing & MITM – By this option, you can install Bettercap, Mitmf, Weeman, Yamas, Easycreds, Pwnstar, Subterfuge, Ghost-Phiser and Hunting with Hamster & Ferret.

7) Firefox Security Toolkit – With this option, you can install so many browser addons like Firebug, Fireforce, Foxy Proxy, HackBar, Wappalyzer, Tamper Data etc.

8) HackPack

9) HID Attack Payload (Human Interface Device)

10) BACKDOOR – Under this options, you can install TheFatRat, Avoid, Shellter, Veil Evasion, Unicorn, GCAT, Maligno, mpc and Backdoor-Factory.

11) Lazynmap – To use NMAP

12) Exploit Development – By this option, you can install Shellsploit, Routersploit, Litesploit, uSploit, Windows & Linux Exploit Suggester.

13) Start Services – You can directly start the services of Metasploit Framework, Apache, OpenVas and Network.

14) Fixing all problem – With the help of this option, you can easily fix the issues related to sound mute, chrome browser issues, hardware device issues, font related issues and Linset package issues etc.

15) DECRYTPTER & ENCRYPTER – This will gives you so many options like encoding/decoding base64, findmyhas cracking for MD5/MD4/SHA1, MD5/MD4/SHA1/SHA-256 Generator and qrcode generator.

16) LazyMacchanger – You can easily change your device’s Mac Address with just one click with the help of LazyMacchanger.

17) Web Security – This option will basically gives you some automated scanning tools for website exploitation like Nikto, Bingoo, CMSmap, Sn1per, Droopescan, VBSCAN, DOORK, XSSYA, XSSPY, ATSCAN, Venom-Scanner and Lisa.

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