Scan Open Ports using Ss, Netstat, Lsof and Nmap

A network is compromised of systems with addresses and on those systems you have services. That address is called an “IP Address” and the Service could be many things but is basically software that is running on the system and accessible over the network on a port number. Here are some common ports that you […]

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Get Free Payment Gateway for your online Store – Only for INDIA.

Now, Get a Free Payment Gateway For Your Site with Zero setup fee, Simple signup. No confusing forms or lengthy documentation. Quick and …
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Get FREE Unlimited VPN with just one click for 1 Year 2016 – 2017

Yes, Now you can get free unlimited VPN (Virtual Private Network) for complete one year with your just one click …
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Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 61 to 90 Questions with Explanation

61. The _______ utility is used to allow a utility to handle more arguments than it normally could. Answer – …
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Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 31 to 60 Questions with Explanation

31. Which of the following is used to end the 408 process without allowing it to exit gracefully? A. kill …
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Security Guidelines for Webmasters – 2016

In today’s time, security plays an important role in every human’s life weather he/she is associated with online or not …
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Web Hacking Questionnaire – FAQ

Question: What is a shell when it comes to web hacking? Answer: Well, basically a shell is an interface between …
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Get 500 MBPS Internet Speed in your system – FREE for all 2016 Method

Get 500 MBPS Internet Speed in your system – FREE for all 2016 Method As you all knows internet is …
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Get 2GB Space from GOOGLE – FAST – Offer Expired Soon

As you all knows Google is one of the big company who provides a lot of services like GMAIL, DRIVE, …
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Get Real Traffic 2016 with Traffic Exchange

So I wrote this article with new comers in mind. I know that website traffic / views are important, especially …
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Make Money with Instagram – FREE up to 100$/Day – 2016

Considering you are reading this article, you obviously want to make money using Instagram, or maybe you just want to …
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