5 Cybersecurity Books From The Experts

Cybersecurity professionals also have some must-read literature. In this article, we have collected five books that can be put at the top of the list or kept on hand as desktop books. All of the titles on the list are more suitable for practitioners with a base of core knowledge. 1. Malware Analyst’s Cookbook and […]


Windows MCQ – 1 to 20 With Answers

1. Device A has been configured for IRQ 3. Which of the following devices will Device A potentially conflict with? A. COM1 B. LPT1 C. COM2 D. LPT2 2. What is the default IO address assigned to COM1? A. 02F8 B. 0378 C. 03F8 D. 0278 3. Which of the following best describes DMA? A. […]


Computer Fundamentals MCQ with Answers – 35 Set

1. Which of the following components is not usually found on a motherboard? A. Hard drive controller B. DVD drive controller C. Memory D. Video adapter 2. What type of memory is not usually found on a motherboard? A. CMOS memory B. L1 Cache C. L2 Cache D. DIMM 3. The power supply converts 110 […]


20 Basic Computer Questions With Answers

1. What was the original system board speed of the ATX board? A. 33 MHz B. 60 MHz C. 66 MHz D. 100 MHz 2. Which bus architecture supports 32-bit / 64-bit cards and transfers information at 33 MHz? A. ISA B. EISA C. AGP D. PCI 3. Which motherboard component is responsible for charging […]


Hardware Basic Questions With Answers – 33 Set

1. You have a USB camera in which you are trying to copy some of the pictures to the computer’s hard disk. The computer does not seem to recognize the device. What should you do? A. Check to see that the boot order is correct. B. Make sure that the USB ports are enabled. C. […]


Computer Printer MCQ With Answers – 25 Set

1. What are the two types of paper feeder mechanisms? A. Continuous tractor feed B. Continuous form feed C. Friction feed D. Injected 2. What type of printer is most likely to use a continuous form feeder? A. Laser printer B. Inkjet C. Dot-matrix D. USB 3. Which of the following devices are most likely […]


General Computer MCQ – With Answers

1. Which type of memory cannot be upgraded without replacing a CPU? A. RAM B. L1 cache C. L2 cache D. None of the above 2. Which type of the system BIOS can be upgraded? A. Flashable B. Non-flashable C. Both types D. None 3. Which of the following utilities cannot be used to identify […]


40 Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. What is the most popular category of portable PCs? A. Notebook B. Laptop C. Palmtop D. Suitcase computer 2. Which battery type is the best for a portable computer? A. Alkaline B. NiCad C. Li-Ion D. NiMH 3. Which of the following system modules makes a PC really portable? A. Battery B. AC adapter […]