Yeahhub’s Best Hacking Tutorials – 2021 Update

  1. Hack Android Using Metasploit Over LAN/WAN
  2. Bruteforce SSH Using Hydra, Ncrack And Medusa – Kali Linux 2017
  3. Hack Android Using Metasploit Without Port Forwarding Over Internet
  4. Hack Windows 10 Remotely Over WAN With Metasploit [No Port Forwarding]
  5. Crack WPA/WPA2-PSK Using Aircrack-Ng And Hashcat – 2017
  6. Hack A Website With Ngrok, Msfvenom And Metasploit Framework
  7. Sniff HTTPS/FTP Packets Using SSLSTRIP And DSNIFF – ARP Spoofing MITM Attack
  8. Live SQL Injection Exploitation With SQLMap – A Detailed Guide
  9. Bypass Hidden SSID in a Wireless Network [Full Proof Method]
  10. HTTP PUT Method Exploitation – Live Penetration Testing
  11. Testing Methods for HTTPS with OpenSSL, Curl and Nmap
  12. Privilege Escalation With PowerShell Empire And SETOOLKIT [Kali Linux]
  13. Evil Twin Attack with DNSMASQ – Wireless WPA2-PSK Cracking
  14. Post Exploitation with PowerShell Empire 2.3.0 [Detailed Tutorial]
  15. Exploit Windows with Malicious MS-OFFICE File [Metasploit Framework]