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Yes, 1$ .com domain offer is now back and the best thing is you can book as many domains you want to book with single account. BookMyIdentity, an ICANN accredited domain registrar that provides you quality laden yet affordable domain... Read more

Checklist for performing security testing on web applications

For every businessman, development of website is much important as it acts as a  most important promotional tool for his products and services. By Developing a website means, your website should be secured enough so that no one can break... Read more

Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 211 to 240 Questions with Explanation

211. Which lpc command is used to print a job that is currently on hold? A. release B. enable C. restart D. nohold Answer – – A Description – The release command releases a job that’s on hold. 212. Which... Read more

Every Penetration Tester you should know about this – Rules of Engagement

Penetration testing involves the use of a variety of manual and automated techniques to simulate an attack on an organization’s information security arrangements. One of the key points when managing testers is to understand what they cannot do. An individual... Read more

Windows 10 First Anniversary – You need to know

As you all knows, Microsoft is celebrating first year of anniversary with Windows 10 Product. We just want to thanks to your feedback, Windows is the best it can be — and getting better every day. Here are the some... Read more

How to win 100% PayPal Dispute & Chargebacks

Are you tired of losing chargebacks or just getting charged back in general? If that’s the case, We’re here to help you. We’ve been dealing with PayPal for approx more than 6 years, and in that time, we must say,... Read more

Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 181 to 210 Questions with Explanation

181. Which parameter allows syslog to receive network messages? A. -n B. -r C. -m D. -s Answer – – B Description – The syslog -r command is used to allow syslog to receive network messages. 182. Where are user... Read more

Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 151 to 180 Questions with Explanation

151. Which directive in the XF86Config file disables the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace key combination? A. NoZap B. DontZap C. NoExit D. DontExit Answer – – B Description – The other commands do not exist. 152. Which of the following XF86Config directives is... Read more

Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 121 to 150 Questions with Explanation

121. Which section of man page documents contains information on standard file formats? A. 1 B. 2 C. 5 D. 8 Answer – – C Description – Man page section 5 contains information on standard file formats. 122. Which section... Read more

Get Fast your GOOGLE CHROME Browser by 10 Times

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Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 91 to 120 Questions with Explanation

91. How many primary and extended partitions are allowed on a hard disk? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Answer – – D Description – Only four total partitions of primary and extended type can exist on a... Read more

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Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 61 to 90 Questions with Explanation

61. The _______ utility is used to allow a utility to handle more arguments than it normally could. Answer – – xargs Description – The xargs utility allows a command to handle more arguments than it would normally be able... Read more

Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 31 to 60 Questions with Explanation

31. Which of the following is used to end the 408 process without allowing it to exit gracefully? A. kill 408 B. kill –15 408 C. kill –1 408 D. kill –9 408 Answer – – D Description – The... Read more

Security Guidelines for Webmasters – 2016

In today’s time, security plays an important role in every human’s life weather he/she is associated with online or not. As in internet, there is an important security alert regarding serious hacking activity on CMS such as WORDPRESS, JOOMLA etc.... Read more

Web Hacking Questionnaire – FAQ

Question: What is a shell when it comes to web hacking? Answer: Well, basically a shell is an interface between client and server and comes up with an extension of .php. To make it works, hackers always uploaded this kind... Read more

Get 500 MBPS Internet Speed in your system – FREE for all 2016 Method

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