Secure your Cpanel/WHM Server with 9 Easy Ways

WHM or Web Host Manager is a powerful program that permits administrative access to cPanel backend and also enables the user with more flexibility and control while managing some very popular resource intensive websites, or large no: of websites. WHM not only enables the user to with the ability to sell web hosting services but […]


15 Things You Need to Know About Maintaining The Logs

The following are some of the legal issues involved with creating and using logs that organizations and investigators must keep in mind: Logs must be created reasonably contemporaneously with the event under investigation. Log files cannot be tampered with. Someone with knowledge of the event must record the information. In this case, a program is […]


Fantastic PHP Related Books – 2018 Update

PHP is a recursive acronym that stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor; this is in the naming style of GNU, which stands for GNU’s Not Unix and which began this odd trend. The name isn’t a particularly good description of what PHP is and what it’s commonly used for. PHP is a scripting language that’s usually […]


Source Code Hosting Resources – 2018 Compilation

A source code repository is a file archive and web hosting facility where a large amount of source code, for software or for web pages, is kept, either publicly or privately. They are often used by open-source software projects and other multi-developer projects to handle various versions. They help developers submit patches of code in […]

Tech News

334 Security fixes – Oracle issued Critical Patch Update

Oracle pushes a critical patch update for multiple security vulnerabilities which are usually cummulative but also affects so many other components. Oracle is working on Critical Patch Update since year 2014 and till date, they’ve released 18 other critical patch updates. For this quarter, oracle also recognizes more than 30 security researchers for bug reporting […]


Send Fake Mail using SETOOLKIT [Kali Linux]

The information security environment has changed vastly over the years. Now, in spite of having security policies, compliance, and infrastructure security elements such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, proxies, and honey pots deployed inside every organization, we hear news about how hackers compromise secured facilities of the government or of private organizations because of the human element involved in each […]


Sniff HTTP Post Data with Wireshark

Wireshark is a graphical network protocol analyzer that lets us take a deep dive into the individual packets moving around the network. Wireshark can be used to capture Ethernet, wireless, Bluetooth, and many other kinds of traffic. It can decode different protocols that it sees, so you could, for instance, reconstruct the audio of Voice […]