SQLiv – Massive SQL Injection Scanner

SQL injection is one of the most prominent vulnerabilities for web-based applications. In last article, we’ve used viSQL through which we scanned the whole server for SQL Injection vulnerabilities with the help of Crawling and Reverse IP domain check feature. Today we’ll discuss about SQLiv tool which is a massive SQL Injection scanner through which […]


Scan SQL Injection vulnerability on whole server

SQL injection occurs when an application processes user-provided data to create an SQL statement without first validating the input and then submits the statement to a database server for execution. When successfully exploited, SQL injection can give an attacker the means to access back-end database content, remotely execute system commands and in some circumstances, take control of the server that is hosting […]

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Some Disgusting Facts of Sarahah Mobile App

Within a span of just 1-2 weeks, Sarahah Mobile App has taken hold in the social media sphere having more than 10 millions Downloads only on Google Play Store. Basically Sarahah is not only the first anonymous messaging app. Sarahah’s focus is more on messaging and less on social media, and so visiting another users […]